Home Network Topology & The Naming Scheme

Submitted by charner on Sat, 07/16/2016 - 20:37

Remember the days when we didn't have routers in our homes? Just a good old fashioned dial up modem. If you were smart, you ran a software firewall and an A/V of your choice on top of that. Well, those days are gone. So, here's my simple home network topology.

It's a flat network, meaning no VLANs or anything. There are only 4 hardwired devices while the rest are wireless.

What you will notice is a naming scheme. Everything that allows me to customize a hostname on my network, that belongs to me, starts with H8NET. (Hate-Network... I'm a Hatebreed fan, what can I say?)

Device Types:
A = Appliance
W = Workstation
S = Server (I am not running an actual server at this time, just a retired gaming rig that acts like a file server)

The breakdown is as follows:
H8NET[type of device]-[Name/Model/Number/etc]

An old web server that hosted this domain was known as- h8nets-web01
My old phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) was known as- h8neta-gs5

Most devices also have a static IP and my DHCP pool is very small. I won't go into detail on the devices on the network, but there sure are plenty in a <2000 sq. ft. house! I have contemplated wiring my house and throwing a patch panel in the basement along with having the router & modem closer to the demarc. At the end of the day, this is simple, works, and the R7000 does it's job.

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