Computers and technology have piqued my interest for a very long time. Even before learning what dysentery and typhoid was in the Oregon Trail adventures, there was a serious interest in computing. Lucky for me, I had grandparents who owned personal computers and was able to learn the basics very early in life. Growing up as the family SME in all things electronics, I was well versed in basic troubleshooting, configuring devices, photo editing, and even basic web design before high school. During high school, I advanced my skillsets a bit more and got into Linux, light programming, cyber security, and networking. Unfortunately, my school district did not allow me to take any networking or advanced programming classes, so I opted for math and sciences, instead. I graduated from high school third in my curriculum.

My high school guidance counselor made it very clear that I was not in the correct curriculum to get into college, so I should apply to technical colleges. I applied to one tech school and the class limit was 26 and I was about the 29th applicant. So, I applied at a former business college in Central PA, that was ramping up their IT programs and was accepted. Graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology, with a dual minor in Cyber Security and Network Management, in December 2006. Feeling thirsty for more, I enrolled in the same college's graduate program in January 2014 and am finishing up my capstone project. The degree will be a Master's of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership, with a focus on Information Systems Management.

Professionally, my career kicked off as a Help Desk Technician at the college I attended. My internship took me to a small trucking company, where I was hired on full time until the parent company started taking over the IT department. I went to a rural, multi-hospital health system for about 5 years and was able to hone my infrastructure and leadership skills, and truly get a sense for where I saw myself professionally, long term IT leadership. I then went to a school district to overhaul their entire infrastructure, and back to another multi-hospital health system before ultimately ending up in my current role as a manager of an infrastructure support team of Senior Systems Engineers at a large healthcare software and services corporation.

What keeps me motivated is change. I love being able to walk into an organization, determine what the needs and expectations are, then start getting down to business. The challenge of creating necessary change is what will continue to add fuel to the fire. The business needs are always first and having an eye on long term strategies is a must. Someone has to lead the change, and I have picked up that ball and ran with it quite a few years ago.

For more details concerning my education and experience, please view my LinkedIn profile (link in the Contacts button above).

Personally, my interests include cars, computers, video games, cooking, guns, and hanging out with my family, friends, dogs, and lovely fiance, Stephanie.

Cars. The automotive hobby can be a little obsessive at times. I respect all things automotive, but my passion is late model GM and old school GM muscle. My current line-up consists of my daily driver, a 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS that recently put down 432RWHP and 435RWTQ on a dynojet. Not bad for simple bolt ons. One of my toys is a 1994 Trans Am with a built 355, built drivetrain, big cam/stall, and nitrous plate kit. That is still under the knife. The other toy is my 1987 Camaro IROC which will be a 5.3 LS turbo monster when the T/A is back on the road and stops being a money pit! For more information on my vehicles, feel free to view my FQuick page (see the Contact page via the link above).

Computers. Yes, I still play with computers. I even do a little PC repair from time to time, mostly for friends and through word of mouth. I built a computer in 2008-2009 (i7-950, 660 Ti, 12GB RAM, 240GB SSD w/1TB RAID 1) that still acts as a file server. My current computer is an i7-4790k, GTX 970, 32GB, 240GB SSDx2 RAID 0, H104, in a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 (black). I really don't use it as much as I should.

Video games. I play games on the PS4 and PC when I have a couple minutes to spare and usually with friends. Minecraft, Battlefield 4, BlackOps 3, GTA V, Fallout 4, racing simulators, sports games (Madden), RTS, etc. Anything fun, really. I still like to swing by arcades and hurt feelings from time to time.

Cooking. I call myself an amateur cook. Having a little bit of experience working in kitchens part-time during high school, I understand what is needed to make things taste good. A couple years ago, I purchased a Blackstone Griddle and am always anxious to try new, non-traditional things with it. Such as making pizza - who does that on a griddle? This guy! Stir fries, burgers/hot dogs, bacon and other breakfast things are super common, but I take it a step further. I truly enjoy cooking, specifically italian, mexican, and asian dishes. In the winter months, I like making stews and soups - usually crock pot creations, from scratch with fresh ingredients, of course.

Guns. I grew up with a major respect for guns. I own quite a few, generally for protection and hunting. It's not a very active hobby of mine, but I like to get it done and blow off a couple rounds from time to time.`

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