The Sixth Gen Camaro ZL1

Submitted by charner on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 09:32

In August 2018, I added a car to the fleet that changed my outlook on cars of this caliber. This isn't your typical mullet mobile, but rather the top shelf pony car that GM has to offer. Having the same engine as it's Corvette C7 Z06 big brother, this platform has a 6 speed manual or 10 speed automatic option. I'm a tech guy and while I do miss rowing gears of past vehicles, the A10 appealed to me.

I did not spec the car out despite buying it new. The gentleman who allocates these cars at the dealership gave it the old man spec.
- Sunroof
- "Camaro" trunk carpet
- "Camaro" battery tender (okay, I like this one)
- Painted black carbon fiber hood insert (no exposed carbon)
- No PDR (performance data recorder)

I would have went with the sunroof delete, PDR, and exposed carbon for sure. But regardless, it was the right time to buy - a 2018 model at the tail end of 2018. My only real requirements were that the color had to be Hyper Blue Metallic and an A10.

The car had 80 miles on it from the trip home from the dealership. It quickly received a polish and ceramic coating.

I have done a few cosmetic mods thus far with no real intention to change much else. ZL1 1LE dark (clear) tail lights, LED side marker lenses, LED reverse lights, and I'm considering doing LED turn signal bulbs in the front. I'm also considering getting a drag wheel setup as it is begging for some traction, even after a cold air intake and catback.

How does this compare with the old car, a 2011 CTS-V? It is light years forward in tech and performance. The 6th gen ZL1 would dominate a V2. The stock Recaro seats are very comfortable and little things like heating and cooled functions are clutch, especially that heated steering wheel! The car is more difficult to see out of, but with the blind spot assist and other sensors, it makes driving the car a pleasure.

Buy a ZL1, they are a riot!

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