Social Networking – How much is too much?

By today’s standards, if you’re not a member of some form of social networking site, then what are you doing on the Internet?

I applaud those who stay clear of social networking. In the same aspect, it’s almost like those who can go on without any kind of cellular device. I have family members who have sworn never to own a cell phone. Once they get a little taste of being bound with one, they conform immediately and could not imagine life without it. Come to think of it, it’s the same deal with those who get a little taste of social networking. Suddenly, you want to see what everyone is up to, where they were, and what their weekend plans are. You also have the ability to reconnect with people you have not communicated with in a very long time. Bottom line is – no one cares unless you have something useful or witty to say.

What goes around comes around.

The last five years have been pretty interesting as far as social networking goes. I was once a non-conformist in the social networking plague that seemed to be rapidly approaching around 2004-2005. It seemed like everyone had a Myspace account. But, there was this exclusive “other” site called Facebook that was geared more towards college/university students since you needed an official college email to register. Over time, Myspace started dwindling down, Facebook became less exclusive, and other companies like Bebo, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc came into the mix. Now that Facebook has dominated the world of social networking, you’ll find that the “competitors” redirected their goals and purpose. Now another giant emerges to eventually give Facebook a challenge: Google+. As the battle of worthless features continues, the question you have to ask yourself is, “How much is too much?”

The funny part about all of this is, when you boil them all down, what do you get? A website to post status updates. And the bottom line will inevitably always be that no one cares unless you have something useful or witty to say.

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